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The Starform Vision

Starform was founded in 2018 with the goal of doing product development in lockstep with their players. Their team has played key roles in launching games played by hundreds of millions of players. They have also skinned their knees a few times along the way. Starform is their vision for putting all these lessons together to build amazing products and make the best place to build games.

How Starform Work

The company builds amazing entertainment by assembling small teams of talented game developers, where each team is fully autonomous and provided with the tools, infrastructure, and support to design and build their games in partnership with players.

Starform are fearless pioneers. Join them and bring bold ideas to life!

If you share their passion and are interested in joining them on their journey, check out the roles below to see if there’s an opportunity which matches your experiences.

Bring Bold Ideas To Life

Starform was started by industry veterans with the goal of changing the way people play games together.

They believe that the best teams make the best games - teams that have a shared vision that they want to build together and bring to players around the world. Starform' teams work directly with players and chart their own course.



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